Vaastu Shastra is ancient science which covers the philosophy and theory of Architectural works to construct any building and as well as living style of people.It is based on various natural energies which are available free of cost in atmosphere like solar energy,earth energy,wind enery ,light energy,magnetic energy etc.

casinolariviera.netDuring Vaastu consultation we provide necessary details related to site,plot etc with full scrutiny and examination.The projects which we have tackled till now include all organisation for instance hotels,restaurants,schools,residents and offices.The expertise of Shri Girirajji amazes everybody with the results because in the past 17 years he has been providing this service with full dedication wiyhout any profit motive.

E-report- E-reports are sent through e-mail for easy accessibility which also saves time and money.Vaastu report is a detailed explanatory account of your site which is prepared after deep analysis of data,you have submitted to us.We provide e-reports to all our clients either they consult us through site consultation,offsite consultation or online consultation.Our complete vaastu consultation includes:

  • vaastu advice for the selection of the plot
  • vaastu advice for the construction detail
  • vaastu advice for the renovation of the building
  • residential vaastu
  • commercial vaastu
  • industrial vaastu
  • interior designing by vaastu shastra
  • vaastu dosh and remedies
  • online vaastu

If you have any of the above problems , then you can contact us with sufficient details.