If you are facing any financial problem in regular life and unable to save money. All  your financial problems can be Solved with the consultation of Pandit Shree Girirajji Shastriji. He will let you know, what mistake you are doing in your regular life. He will let you know What is Disturbing  and affecting you in achieving your goals What Efforts you can do at your end.Read More →

Vaastu Shastra is ancient science which covers the philosophy and theory of Architectural works to construct any building and as well as living style of people.It is based on various natural energies which are available free of cost in atmosphere like solar energy,earth energy,wind enery ,light energy,magnetic energy etc. During Vaastu consultation we provide necessary details related to site,plot etc with full scrutiny and examination.The projects which we have tackled till now include all organisation for instance hotels,restaurants,schools,residents and offices.The expertise of Shri Girirajji amazes everybody with the results because in the past 17 years he has been providing this service with full dedication wiyhout anyRead More →

The hurdles on the path to spiritual enlightenment and the ideal life in this world are the five internal enemies,namely kaam(lust) ,krodh(anger ),lobh(greed ), moh(attachment to relations) and ahenkar(pride).The root cause to all such evils is Egoism.If self realization or salvation is your aim then you must do Sadhna to destroy all above said enemies. Well i know that most of the people do Sadhna for their materialistic benefits but finally it takes them to the path of spirituality. So, if suddenly things have changed in your life from positive to negative,if someone has filed false court case against you,if you are under debt,if you haveRead More →

  Consultation Fees (in Indian Rupees & US Dollars) per Horoscope per Hour Conversation Consultation Services   Caller from Within Indian Subcontinent* Caller from outside Indian Subcontinent* Consultation  in Hindi/English  with 2 Questions  Rs.1550/- US $35/- (or Rs.2100/-) For PayPal users: – US $ 40/- Consultation in Hindi / English With 4 Question Rs.2500/- US $58/- (or Rs.3500/-) For PayPal users: – US $ 62.5/- Consultation with Yearly Pridiction  Rs.3500/- US $100/- (or Rs.6000/-) For PayPal users: – US $ 110/- Important note for our old clients who have obtained Astrological Consultation earlier on some horoscope(s) some months or some years back: – NOTE:- AFTER MAKING ARead More →

Every body in  life aims to see the foreign countries or some of them may  dream to settle there. When you will be able to visit there or is there any chance to get settled there or not? Will you get visa or not? Just ask these Questions from Mr Giriraj Ji Shastri Ji.Read More →

Anybody would like to buy property for his/her children or grand children. One should consult  a knowledgeable person to know wheather he/she should buy this property or not. Will this property be suitable to you and your children or not. Mr. Giriraj Ji Shastri Ji will guide you according to your planet position.Read More →

If you are running business and having losses in your business. There are  strikes  in your organisation very often and Your employees are not loyal. You are unable to recover your money. You can take consultation of Mr. Giriraj Ji Shastri Ji.Read More →

If, you are in love and want to marry…But  All of your efforts are going waste. Still you can have Hope. You can Consult , Meet Or Call   Pandit Shree Girirajji shastriji to resolve the issue.Read More →

At marriageable age, one is not getting married or getting suitable marriage proposal or if the engagement is broken without any reason, you can consult with us. We will be happy to resolve the issue. After marriage, if you are not happy, just let me know..You will have wonderful life with your partner.Read More →